The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (RMAARST) is dedicated to serving the educational and business needs of all our radon professionals and to saving lives by protecting the public through the promotion of radon awareness and radon testing and mitigation by qualified professionals. We are committed to supporting the AARST Mission.


AARST is a nonprofit, professional organization of members who are dedicated to the 

highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of radon measurement, 

radon mitigation and transfer of radon information for the benefit of members, 

consumers and the public at large.


Terry Kerwin- Reliant Radon Solutions

Terry Kerwin is the owner of Reliant Radon Solutions, LLC which serves the Colorado Front Range. With a background in finance and management, and 20+ years of helping run and grow a successful family plumbing business, she takes pride in running a woman owned small business. She leads her company with passion and purpose to make a difference. Lung cancer prevention and education are of the utmost importance and has led her to becoming one of the founding members of WAR (Women Against Radon; a Campaign for CanSAR), participating in community awareness programs with Lungs4Life, and the ALA Lung Force Walk. She also works closely with the Aurora CO Grant Program and the State LIRMA Program to bring radon systems to homeowners, at no cost, to qualifying participates at lower income levels. An avid member of the board of National AARST, she continues to attend the International Symposiums, Region 8 conferences, and participates in advanced classes on radon measurement and mitigation. Terry is focused on saving lives, not just turning a dollar and is validated with excellent customer service and committed to doing things the correct way. 

Vice President

Don Walker – Air Care of Utah

Don Walker is owner and manager of Air Care of Utah and National Restoration which has been in business since 1985. Certified in radon measurement, mitigation, RRNC, Multifamily, and certified as a Building Analyst by (BPI) Building Performance Institute. Just to keep some variety in his life he currently holds licenses as a real estate salesmen, general contractor, and insurance adjuster. He has a passion for small business and knows firsthand what it takes to overcome the many obstacles on the road to profitability. His education is from BYU and has been involved with many civic and church responsibilities in the past. He enjoys his weekends spending time at his mountain cabin with some of his 6 children and 16 grandchildren.


Jill Newton - Radiological Engineer, Spruce Environmental

Jill Newton is the Radiological Engineer for Spruce Environmental Technologies and the Quality Assurance Officer for AccuStar Labs. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences from the University of Michigan. As an active member of AARST, Jill has been on the National AARST Board of Directors for the past four years and is currently the chair of the Technical and Science Committee. 


Jim Landry - Account Manager, Spruce Environmental

Jim joined Spruce Environmental as an Account Manager in March of 2020. Jim is an experienced sales professional who is dedicated to building and growing customer relationships. Jim is passionate about spreading Radon awareness and educating his customers, family and friends on Radon. His interests include traveling, boating, hiking, snowboarding, tennis and golf.

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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